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We started this forum as a place to discuss our builds and exchange knowledge, ideas, and innovations. K5BlazersPlus is first and foremost a group of K5 Blazer, Chevy truck and Suburban owners getting together and sharing our builds with one another. What about the daily driver, motor cycle, ATV, motor home, hobbies, fishing and sports? That's where the Plus in the name comes in. We all have other rides and interests we'd like to discuss with like minds. It's all here, and if not, we'll make room for it.

The site is currently plain and light on content. Please be patient and enjoy what we have so far. We are currently working on building more content, a custom theme, logos and implementing more robust features. As more users join and post their builds and hobbies, the site will become more complete and informative. As a guest, you are welcome to browse most of the forums. Some will not be visible unless you register. Basic registration will allow you to post, message, and use most of the site features. We also have subscription level memberships that will allow the member more features and functionality. The subscription levels are covered Here. Come on in and check out K5BlazersPlus or register now and login.

Future Plans and Features

K5BlazersPlus would like to give you the best forum for hosting your project, access to technical info and knowledge, and a good dose of entertainment on a daily basis. The funds collected from subscriptions will help pay for professional site development, site support products, and developing and implementing advanced features such as project cost tracking, bill of materials for your project and hopefully a parts portal to make purchasing your parts for your project easy and at the best price. These are some of the features on the list. Being on the list is not a guarantee that it will become a reality, but we will do our best to make it happen.


We're running with a loose set of rules and a code of respect, self moderation and common sense. These forums are geared towards men being men and as such, there will be occasional foul language, tasteless jokes, and worthless banter, however, pornography of any type or media will not be tolerated. If you take offense to this type of behavior, this probably is not the forum for you.